Entrepreneurship is a significant issue that has been missing from the immigration debate. Here in Boston, we educate students from around the world and continue to be a gateway city for people coming from all over the world. Every week, I meet entrepreneurs from around the world, many who want to form the companies in Boston and New York but run into too many obstacles on getting visas.

To be clear, these people aren’t taking jobs, they are creating them. They want to help build the economy, yet as a matter of policy, we tell them (particularly the students), to go home or to other countries and compete with us. Many I meet go to Canada, which is much friendlier to immigrant entrepreneurs, by the way.

Here are a few stories about immigrant entrepreneurs that give a sense of the dynamics and the types of people:

In particular, the story of Amrith Kumar hits close to home, as he is a friend of mine.

Read Amrith Kumar’s story here

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