Published by Xconomy, 11/2/2015

by Gregory T. Huang

Silicon Valley legend John Gage is said to have coined the phrase, “The network is the computer.” He was talking about combining connected systems into one computing resource, and the line would become Sun Microsystems’ slogan.

Fast forward 30 years and the idea still holds true—think cloud computing, the Internet, and social media. What’s more, the concept of a “network” as a product has spread to other industries such as venture capital and finance. Now, in the shifting sands of tech investing, VC firms are increasingly competing for deals and talent on the strength of their networks. So they’re formalizing and expanding their relationships—and unifying their messaging to make it more about the network.

A case in point: Boston-based CommonAngels Ventures is solidifying its brand with a name change today, to “Converge Venture Partners.”…

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